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Our Television Ministry

Every day, we broadcast
24 hoursof content
via satellite tv to
Muslims in 39 nationswho
desperately need Jesus.

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people have access to TBN Nejat TV in the Middle East


receive TBN Nejat TV on their television sets

24 hours

of content is broadcast to the Middle East every day


underground home groups have been created

TBN Nejat Television

Nejat means "Salvation" in Farsi (Persian).

The first all-Christian Farsi TV Broadcast into the Middle East.
Primarily reaching Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan
with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

Watch our live broadcast
Yazd, Iran
We estimate as many as 340,000 Iranians
watch our broadcast from this city.

Where We Broadcast

The political instability of the Middle East has opened the doors wide open for the Gospel.
So far, we’re broadcasting into 39 nations - reaching regions of the
Middle East as well as Europe, Asia, and Africa.

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